Size was never the objective, our daily business is performance

It’s impossible to describe the company vision more clearly than the brand name itself: BOHNZIRLEWAGEN. The company was founded in 2012 when two experienced, successful partners at a leading real estate consultancy decided to follow their dream after 13 years of collaboration. Prof. Dr. Thomas Bohn and Jörg Zirlewagen simply want to be entrepreneurs and consultants. They want to be directly and personally involved in their clients’ projects and are happy to assume responsibility for achieving results from design through to implementation. Not least because of its hand-picked team, the Munich-based company now operates throughout Germany and has achieved success for its clients from Day One.


Core services at an early stage

The foundation stone for the success of a real estate project and the developer is the structured recognition of expectations and the detailed assessment of specific requirements. The development of clearly defined user profiles and the definition of priorities and project aims are the developer’s core focus at this early stage.

Holistic advice in combination with experienced planning and construction specialists can help to significantly reduce developer risk, even in this early phase. This is particularly true in the case of developers who do not have their own construction division or do not operate according to well-defined project development structures.

The early assumption of the developer’s technical activities enables us to optimise project organisation and advise the client on alternative action plans in the case of upcoming decisions. The impact on the adherence to deadlines, quality and costs can be clearly demonstrated and a recommendation offered for every decision, based on the respective advantages and disadvantages.

Project design and construction phase

The formulation of a project-specific organisational structure for the project development, planning and construction is an important first step in kicking-off a successful project.

BOHNZIRLEWAGEN provides support with the following services:

  • Definition of services, competences, responsibilities and interfaces for the project participants

  • Suggestion and selection of suitable project participants such as planners, consultants and project managers

  • Acting on behalf of the developer in the planning and leadership of the project team to achieve project objectives

  • Development of project milestones/deadlines and project-specific time plan

  • Procurement and advance of civil and public law approvals

  • Access to a proven network of professional advisors and legal and communication specialists

  • Übernahme aller projektrelevanten ProjektleitungsaufgabenAssumption of all project-specific management functions

  • Überwachung der Einhaltung des Vollzugs von Verträgen, ggf. Durchsetzen von erforderlichen Maßnahmen

    Supervision of the compliance with service contracts, if necessary by the enforcement of specific performance

  • Regular reporting on the current status of project objectives and the compilation of trend and risk assessments

  • Introduction of countermeasures in the event of deviations from the critical path


    Beschaffung von Bauleistungen, ggf. unter Einbindung externer RechtsberatungProcurement of construction services, if applicable, including the involvement of external legal advisors

  • Supervision and leadership of planning and construction progress and local intervention, if applicable

Handover and use
  • Management of the commissioning, approval and handover processes

  • Compilation and maintenance of project documentation

  • BOHNZIERLEWAGEN protokolliertApproval of final cost reconciliation


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