Our promise

In other words: why it’s worth it for you to work with us

We assume responsibility. For every instruction. From Day One. Our many years of experience and comprehensive sector knowledge enable us to lead you methodically through all service, decision-making and results phases of your project. We develop economically and technically reliable underlying principles for the determination of the right strategy for the organisation, planning and implementation of the project. This makes your project transparent. For you as the decision-maker and investor, that means control of costs and certainty of processing.


Quality is the only standard

The scope of services offered by BOHNZIRLEWAGEN is focused on the requirements of the client. A core element is the reliable representation of the developer throughout all phases of a real estate project.

Client representation

You decide the scope of services, powers of attorney and level of authority. We analyse, optimise and restructure. We develop and assume the necessary functions.

  • Project management
  • Interim management
  • Tenant-side advice
  • Crisis management

Real estate process and management consulting

We support you as technical and financial advisor, and sparring partner with our many years of extensive experience both in the overall process and in specialised disciplines.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk and profitability analyses
  • Project set-up
  • Organisational and processing consultancy
  • Portfolio analysis and property-level advice
  • Optimisation of costs, timing and quality

Development consulting

Whether existing property or new-build project, individual areas, buildings or property portfolios, you benefit from our independent expert focus on specific issues. We make your issues our own and develop holistic solutions.

  • Location and market analyses
  • Advice on use concepts and configurations
  • Project development consultancy
  • Development appraisal calculations
  • Managing the production of the planning framework

Technical and economic project controlling

Visions impress, cost/benefit analyses convince. We supervise the provision and utilisation of funds, quality control and timing throughout all phases of the process: for developers, investors and lenders.

  • Project analysis and reviews
  • Project audits
  • Financing and credit controlling
  • Monitoring
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