Experience Our business model is based on our intensive experience in the management of complex real estate projects… Security

…which means we can offer our clients a level of competence and commitment that ensures project success…


…and assume responsibility for the success of all projects in partnership with the developer.


Real estate process and management consultancy
Independent partnership with the developer

BOHNZIRLEWAGEN offers competence and experience to ensure the successful conception and guaranteed implementation of ambitious real estate projects, acting on behalf of the developer. BOHNZIRLEWAGEN offers developers the degree of certainty and expertise required for the project. BOHNZIRLEWAGEN assumes full responsibility and allows the developer to focus on its core business.
“We see ourselves as independent partner at decision-maker level.”

The right team for complex projects

Every real estate project is unique, and many involve complex issues with a range of individual variables. The BOHNZIRLEWAGEN team ensures project success from the strategic planning of project objectives to the professional management of all project phases until final handover. Collaboration with developers has proven to reduce project risks and guarantee successful project completion.
“We are 100% committed to every project, both at the desk and on the building site.”

Holistic advice for the optimisation of project and portfolio strategy

BOHNZIRLEWAGEN offers highly specialised consultancy services across all locations throughout the development, planning and construction of real estate projects and portfolios. Our own advisory team compiles project strategies, analyses and decision-making tools for real estate issues relating to individual areas, existing buildings and new-build projects, often involving specialists from within our network.
“We support you from the very beginning – with expertise and commitment.”

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Our promise

Added value from BOHNZIRLEWAGEN
    Focus saves time

    A partnership with us at your side gives you time to concentrate on your core business. We lead your project through every stage, continually updating you, helping you to achieve your project objectives.

  • Knowledge of benefit to the project
    The input from our team of experienced experts guarantees comprehensive and immediately available knowledge in all matters relating to the project. We are in a position to consult with and involve specialists from all four of our offices to provide solutions to specific issues.
  • Certainty of project success
      We are entrepreneurs. We assume responsibility for the project. We provide you with routine management of the project process and a level of certainty afforded by an experienced, competent and above all highly-motivated project manager at decision-maker level.
  • Up-to-date specialist knowledge and professional approach
    The increasing technological, legal and economic challenges facing real estate projects require our staff to take part in regular continual professional development at all four of our German offices. Many of our colleagues lecture at renowned universities and colleges and offer the highest degree of specialist knowledge.
  • Dialogue with management and developers
    The intensive collaboration with professionals and experts in the various disciplines is the key to project success and achieving the developer’s objectives. At the start of the project or project development, it is necessary to make important decisions and we offer the developer and his team technical and commercial advice, often on a highly personalised basis, and a clearly defined action plan.
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Track record

Our successfully completed projects speak for themselves

At first glance, our completed projects appear to be carefully planned and successfully constructed buildings. In fact, they represent people: our clients and partners. We have worked together with them to devise the appropriate package of services for office properties, shopping centres, hotel projects and industrial and residential properties. These projects have given us experience of a wide range of property types and their individual requirements, both in terms of the overall vision and the minutest detail.

Other projects


Wherever you’re building in Germany, we’re there for you.






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Der Kontakt zu Bohnzirlewagen

Point of contact: Heike Brod
Telephone: +49 89 5599982-0
Email: beratung@bohnzirlewagen.de

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